New York Public Relations Firms - The Boreland Group The Boreland Group - Public Relations Firms NY “In an industry fraught with lip-service and pretense, The Boreland Group is a legitimate standout.  Led by Jennefer Witter, this public relations agency delivers what it promises. The secret?  Hard work, depth of experience, unshakable professionalism, relentless pursuit of opportunities and absolute dedication to the client. The Boreland Group is our partner of choice when PR services are required.”   - Nathalie Casthely, Associate, Koerner Kronenfeld Partners LLC     Website Design by The Site Station Photography By Jill Lotenberg The Boreland Group is a public relations firm in NY that creates and implements performance-driven public relations programs that deliver results. >>>>> Performance-driven public relations - Public Relations Firms NY of business-building attention!  unfair share Click Here to View Client Case Studies They responded aggressively and, quite simply, in one year changed the Institute forever. They placed us in major mainstream media (including NY Times, BBC, Bloomberg TV and FoxBusiness); opened relationships with top reporters (including The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine); and showed us how to address "hot button" issues including the Walter Reed Hospital Wounded Warrior fiasco, Russian invasion of Georgia and the impact of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.  They gave us a platform to reach all Americans seeking a better understanding of the national defense issues affecting our nation. In that one year that The Boreland Group and KKP took the Institute and our principal staff members to the national level of journalism and communications and they gave us the tools to stay in the arena.  We are most grateful."   - Major General Thomas Wilkerson (Ret), Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Naval Institute “I am the senior director of Research at the Cancer Support Community.  Last spring, we contracted with the Boreland Group to assist us in getting media attention around a small pilot study around managing the cost of cancer care from the patient perspective.  At that time, we were working with another larger PR firm that did not feel that the study was large enough study to get the attention of national press.  With a limited budget and a short time to deliver, Jennefer Witter and her team were able to land an impressive story by Laura Landro that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  If you take a look at the article, you will see, that we received tremendous coverage that led to a press release and pick up from other media.  We could not have asked for more. The Boreland Group delivered well beyond our expectations.  As far as our working relationship, I found it very easy to work with the team that Jennefer put together.  Jennefer and her staff were always available and were on the job, making things happen at break neck speed.  I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of the Boreland Group.”   - Joanne S. Buzaglo, Ph.D., Senior Director, Research and Training Institute   Cancer Support Community   "I have worked with Jennefer Witter on several projects, and I know she doesn't make a move until she is fully prepared. Once she gets going, she stops only when reaches her goal. Don't work with Jennefer unless you're looking for professionalism, excellence, integrity, and a slightly terrifying work ethic."   -Harris Collingwood, Business Journalist "In 2008, I sought to increase the relevance and visibility of the U.S. Naval Institute on national stage.  For more than 135 years, the Institute had focused only inwardly to the Sea Services and limited its mission outreach.  The Institute had great content, a powerful history, but little name recognition.  That had to change. I asked the Boreland Group, in association with KKP, LLC, to take the Institute into the mainstream with strong brand identity and increased recognition among the national media.  “Jennefer is a whirlwind of creativity, professionalism and class. She is beloved by both her clients and journalists, thanks to her  strong commitment to getting results.” - Farnoosh Torabi, personal finance expert and author of “Psych Yourself Rich” and “When She Makes More: 10 Rules for    Breadwinning Women”Founder/Host - So Money (top-ranked financial podcast) “The Boreland Group has proven to be an invaluable partner to the dash design team. We engaged the services of Jennefer Witter and her team at TBG about three years ago. The goal was to grow our awareness in the two key sectors; retail and hospitality. Prior to our partnership, our exposure in the press was purely based on our schedule of completed design projects. There was always a gap between projects, and ultimately a much larger story to tell, which could differentiate our company from the crowd. The goal was go build our exposure in the business trades and grow the firm beyond the identity of the founder (myself). TBG have truly been partners and the ROI is intangible. Our awareness has grown exponentially, and our reach is now far beyond the traditional design trades. Jennefer and her team not only set goals which they meet, they also provide sage advice; forecasting what might be relevant for our targeted audience; guiding us on social media; pitching articles to the press; and setting our other team leaders up as thought leaders in the design industry.  I could not be more pleased with the partnership that dash has established with TBG and can only imagine what the brilliant minds of Jennefer and her team will bring to our group in the near future.” - David Ashen, principal, dash design “Thanks to the expert advice from TBG: One-on-One, the coaching division of The Boreland Group, a PR firm, my business' revenue went up. How? Jennefer Witter, TBG's CEO, and I worked together to power up my social media. Through her guidance and advice, I was able to extend my reach, showcase my expertise and provide information that my patients wanted to know - not what I thought they wanted to hear. As a result, more appointments were booked. I highly recommend her services. I'm glad I did.”    - Yolanda Holmes, MD, Washington, DC Dermatology