New York Public Relations Firms - The Boreland Group The Boreland Group - NY Public Relations Firm CASE STUDY: U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) Challenge: With a bevy of established military organizations and specialists already on the scene, the U. S. Naval Institute (USNI), a non-profit military membership association based in Washington, D.C., wanted to garner attention from top-tier media outlets while simultaneously positioning its CEO, Major General Tom Wilkerson, as a go-to expert worthy of interviews by the mainstream media on a variety of topics of military expertise.  Though the organization was well respected and visible to military trade publications, it had yet to leverage that visibility to grow its presence and relevance on a substantive national platform.  The Boreland Group (TBG) was charged with raising the organization’s visibility, nationally, through a media-focused public relations campaign. Strategy:  TBG accomplished its publicity goals by crafting press releases aimed at a broad base of beat reporters, from national business to medical/health writers, and collateral to make the media more aware of USNI and its operations, while drawing attention to a conference on “Wounded Warriors” which spotlighted the work the organization does and legitimized its expertise.  The firm also organized a summer media tour designed to build buzz for the conference.  A multi- faceted approach was taken, using tools such as press releases, personal invitations, a series of targeted phone calls to some of the nation’s leading newspapers, television and radio stations, in- person meetings with prominent media and follow-up calls to interested parties to ensure maximum news coverage and optimal conference attendance. Results: A well-organized public relations program ensured that USNI’s objectives were not just met, but exceeded.  The results were astounding: More than 200 members of the press were contacted multiple times, and the aggressive approach led to more than 400 placements in some of the country’s most highly regarded media outlets.  As a result of the outreach, Major Wilkerson had pre-conference interviews and meetings with: The New York Times (in New York City) The Wall Street Journal (in New York City and Washington, DC) Time Magazine ABC Radio An impressive roster of reporters also attended the “Wounded Warriors” conference, namely USA Today, CNN, NBC’s Washington, DC affiliate, ABC News Radio, and Alhurra, and placements included a front page story in The New York Times ( Major General Wilkerson was interviewed on a variety of military-related issues, from Secretary Gates’ migration from the Bush Administration to the Obama Administration to Somali pirates to then President-elect Obama security appointments ( Among the media outlets on which the General appeared included, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business, BBC World, Dow Jones and The New York Sun.   Website Design by The Site Station Photography By Jill Lotenberg The Boreland Group is a public relations firm in NY that creates and implements performance-driven public relations programs that deliver results. Jacky Teplitzky U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) Snug Harbor Major N.Y. City Luxury Marketing Group  Cancer Support Community  #1 Cancer Support Community  #2 >>>>> Performance-driven public relations - Public Relations Firms NY of business-building attention!  unfair share