New York Public Relations Firms - The Boreland Group The Boreland Group - Public Relations Firms NY CASE STUDY: Challenge: In today's rapidly changing business environment, social media is no longer an "extra" -- it is an essential part of any effective communications plan. That's one of the reasons why the Cancer Support Community (CSC), an international non-profit dedicated to providing support, education and hope to people impacted by cancer, turned to The Boreland Group for assistance when it released its inaugural "Breast Cancer M.A.P. (Mind Affects the Physical) Index." Prior to releasing this report, which generated ground-breaking insights into the social and emotional experiences and needs of breast cancer survivors, CSC had not pursued social media on a proactive basis. Utilizing this important global visibility tool would allow the non-profit to garner additional exposure for the organization and its work, while engaging the public (particularly breast cancer survivors and their families and friends) in an active dialogue, a primary objective of social media. Strategy:  In addition to working closely with CSC's report partners to lead and coordinate a successful, comprehensive media relations campaign that placed the study findings in an array of high- profile newspapers, magazines and broadcast venues, The Boreland Group (TBG) also launched an integrated social media program on the organization's behalf. To achieve the goal of launching CSC's new Index into the social media realm, the agency: Thoroughly researched the social media vehicles that would raise the visibility of the report including specialized groups on LinkedIn and Facebook such as the Young Survival Coalition, Breast Cancer Survivors & Friends and Pink Ribbon. Regularly posted updates on social media, from the press release announcing the study findings to influential media pick-ups such as a segment on CBS News, where CSC's CEO Kim Thiboldeaux was interviewed, and a feature story in the Wall Street Journal. Used careful and vetted wording to engage participants, a critical success element. Results: TBG's social media campaign had a substantive impact on the visibility - and reach - of the study. The findings were shared broadly with the CSC's core audience, who forwarded, downloaded and reacted to its content. Thanks to the interactive aspect of social media, the CSC was able to view and respond to those impacted by the study findings in real time. Here is some feedback: "Watched CBS News broadcast! Well done." -- respondent on LinkedIn's Young Survival Coalition board "A lot of survivorship issues discussed in the press have to do with survivorship plans…but what I see everyday in my practice is that the biggest challenges for survivors are getting back to the same problems and issues they were facing in the life before cancer."-- healthcare professional on LinkedIn's Breast Cancer Survivors & Friends group "The problem is there is little or no revenue stream for the docs after treatment is over so it's hard for them to embrace this after cancer care. My hope -they will be comfortable handing off their patients to organizations like ours who can offer the services these patients need." -- seen on LinkedIn's Breast Cancer Survivors & Friends group "I'm a breast cancer survivor from the Netherlands, can I participate in this research?" -- posted on LinkedIn's Pink Ribbon group (she was then registered for the study) A woman from Australia shared the report findings with her Facebook group and website, Pink Poetry Website Design by The Site Station Photography By Jill Lotenberg The Boreland Group creates and implements performance-driven public relations programs that deliver results. Cancer Support Community Second Case History Case Study: Cancer Support Community / Using Social Media to Gain Virtual                       World Traction & Engagement       Through a proactive and thoughtful social media campaign, information about the Index and its findings educated and informed - and in some instances, brought to action - the organization's target audience. Jacky Teplitzky U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) Snug Harbor Major N.Y. City Luxury Marketing Group  Cancer Support Community  #1 Cancer Support Community  #2 >>>>> Performance-driven public relations - Public Relations Firms NY of business-building attention!  unfair share