New York Public Relations Firms - The Boreland Group The Boreland Group - Public Relations Firms NY CASE STUDY: Cancer Support Community Challenge: The Cancer Support Community (CSC), a Washington, D.C. based non-profit dedicated to providing support, education and hope to people impacted by cancer, partnered with Genentech, the biotech company, to conduct a national pilot study on how stresses related to the financial costs of cancer care affect patients and caregivers.  The results were astonishing: the monetary strain of dealing with cancer treatment makes patients and caregivers vulnerable to post-traumatic stress syndrome, with symptoms greater than those suffered by survivors of 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina. Though the initial study was unprecedented and the findings were intriguing, CSC still needed to pursue the funding necessary to launch a second larger, more comprehensive survey to both underscore these findings as well as to implement a strategy to help patients and caregivers connect with support and resources. The client’s goal was to get the study findings reported in high-profile media that would alert key influencers to the report and encourage interest to launch the follow-up study.  The Boreland Group (TBG) was tasked with this assignment – and was given a six week time frame to achieve the objective. Strategy:  Sensitive to the project’s tight timeframe, TBG worked swiftly to gather the information and analyze the study findings so that it could move forward with a targeted, effective public relations campaign.  The approach was four-fold:   A press release announcing the study findings was created by carefully looking through the study for the most noteworthy angles and working in cooperation with the CSC’s research team.  An exclusive story was then pitched to a top-tier newspaper with an influential, national audience base. After placing the exclusive, The Boreland Group created a subset of story ideas to pitch to other media outlets nationwide, including trade journals, to help keep the story fresh and relevant. An op-ed piece was crafted in cooperation with several top CSC executives to be placed exclusively with a well-read daily newspaper.  TBG was able to tie in the recent Healthcare Reform Bill to create a brand new angle for the piece and one that would be “top of mind” to readers everywhere. Results: To quote directly from a top CSC executive who reacted to an exclusive story TBG placed on the in a high-level national newspaper, “Rarely does reality exceed our expectations.” TBG was able to do just that, securing an informative and compassionate feature story in The Wall Street Journal that showcased CSC’s important work to meet the needs of families dealing with cancer - The public immediately took note of the compelling story. The story’s reach was broadened through use of CSC’s social media vehicles.  This increased awareness helped to get the message out about the stresses endured by cancer patients and their caregivers and the need for funding to launch the more comprehensive study. TBG continued its media relations campaign, disseminating the press release to a wider audience. It secured important placements in a number of key print and online medical trade publications central to the organization, including, The Medical Web Times, Cancer Survivor Network, DOT Med News, and Oncology Business News, among others. Finally, TBG created an opinion piece on behalf of the CSC’s president and chief executive officer on how the study findings underscored the importance of the Healthcare Reform Bill. Their internal public relations department will be able to use the document in a variety of high- profile publications to further leverage the information. Website Design by The Site Station Photography By Jill Lotenberg The Boreland Group creates and implements performance-driven public relations programs that deliver results. Jacky Teplitzky U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) Snug Harbor Major N.Y. City Luxury Marketing Group  Cancer Support Community  #1 Cancer Support Community  #2 >>>>> Performance-driven public relations - Public Relations Firms NY of business-building attention!  unfair share